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A new deal for care

Over the last 14 years our economy has been caught in a vicious cycle of underinvestment leading to restricted growth, driving even deeper cuts to services. Everybody is suffering for it, not just those at the sharp end. Year on year, we’re all paying the price for political leadership that has failed to value and invest in care with communities that are poorer, sicker and more divided. Time and again, women - particularly minoritised women- are being asked to bear the brunt of man made crises from climate change to broken services to escalating violence.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Policing and justice reforms will never end violence against women alone. Until women have financial freedom, and everyone has an opportunity to thrive we will never end the misogyny, enforced dependency and trauma that drives the cycle of violence in our communities.

Traditional economics fixates on GDP, but WE care about GUDP, the grossly undervalued domestic product of women, all that unpaid and underpaid labour that isn’t even counted as part of GDP. Old parties promise growth as the solution to everything, no matter what the cost to the environment and whether that growth is based on exclusion. Inequality is widening. Many of us can’t pay our energy bills or access healthcare when we need it. Creating change here means structuring our economy so it delivers us health and happiness, as well as wealth from inclusive and sustainable growth.

None of the old parties have policies that meet the gravity of the climate crises, or the growing inequality and destitution in our communities. Investing in care and ending poverty could transform our economy by creating wealth and jobs, enabling everyone to thrive. 

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