Georgina Bednar

Georgina Bednar

Georgina Bednar

As a born and bred north Londoner and now resident of Islington, this feels like the right time to act for the things I believe are important. After studying politics at University, I left, not able to find a party or a place in the system that I wanted to be a part of. This wasn’t solely about gender imbalance, although I have seen the effects of this throughout my career, but about imbalance across the board. With the Women’s Equality Party, things now feel different.

We urgently need diversity among our decision makers to start to see more representative decisions get made for London, made by a range of Londoners. I love living in Islington, yet, it’s easy to see there are some stark inequalities across the borough, and the City.

If selected, I want to be part of the solution by creating more opportunities to encourage middle and small businesses, supporting thriving communities to engage with other parts of society, explore education opportunities for all and supporting the vibrant cultural scene Islington fosters.

For the last ten years, I have worked across the charity and arts sectors, bringing diverse teams together and working with business, local council and venues to make projects with and for the community. I bring a calm approach to my work, unapologetic passion, have experience leading large teams and believe this work has a positive impact. I would bring these skills and a love for London, to this opportunity.


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