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Giving Women A Voice

Donna Anne Pace

TW: Suicide


There was a moment in my life when I truly just wanted to give up – to stop reliving the traumatic experiences of my abusive marriage, alongside trying to come to terms with the tragic passing of one of my children to cancer. That moment was when I realised my beloved children were the reason to keep living. I was not about to give up on my children or my passion for helping other women who have experienced domestic abuse.

Then, in September 2018, I was invited by Dr Miriam Dalli MEP in Malta to attend a meeting to talk about my mission to empower women and the idea for my book, Giving Women A Voice. I felt so empowered, liberated, and finally free! It was then I decided that I was not going to continue to adhere to other people’s narrative and ride their toxic waves of psychological abuse, coercive control, emotional blackmail or cultural conformity. I have Mediterranean heritage, hence, why Dr Dalli MEP chose to kindly write the foreword). After years of doubting myself and my abilities, here was a member of the European Parliament believing in me and my mission!

I worked tirelessly for 18 months creating a social media campaign to reach out to victims to offer them the opportunity to be a co-author and to share their own unique experiences of domestic violence. I received a huge response from over 200 women, many of whom were also facing financial difficulty, so I decided to waive my sign-up fee. I was determined in my quest to help women around the world find a supportive network and to provide a global platform that raises awareness of this hidden epidemic.

In May this year I published Giving Women A Voice, and what a monumental day that was for everyone involved. The 10 courageous co-authors from the UK, USA and Malta, have endured the unspeakable, yet have taken themselves out of their comfort zones, faced their fears, and have provided hope and inspiration. 

This year has been far from normal and it pains me to think that so many women and children across the UK are enduring increased abuse at home whilst in lockdown. More needs to be done by this government to ensure local authorities have adequate funding for refuges and safe houses so that no woman is left behind. We need to support those who have experienced or are fleeing violence now more than ever which is why I decided to become a WEP member this year. Becoming a member of such a huge political party focusing on women’s equality not only keeps me up-to-date with current issues across the political landscape, but also opens up a whole new support system for me.

I am a proud mum of 6 children and the experiences I have been through in the past have shaped me into the person I am today. Despite these experiences, I am here for a reason, and I will continue to follow the path of empowerment and encourage women everywhere to join me and be a voice of change.

Donna Anne Pace

Author/Speaker/Social Justice Entrepreneur

SWIB Awards Winner 2019 ‘Overcoming Adversity’


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