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Hackney Womens Equality Party Reclaim The Streets drop in

Hackney Womens Equality Party Reclaim The Streets drop in

A session welcoming you to drop-in whenever you can to discuss the events of last week with the Women's Equality Party Hackney.

The tragic events of Sarah Everard’s disappearance opened a discussion nationwide on the fears we face daily, the precautions we take to go about our daily lives and why such events bring our fears to the surface.

The aim of this session is to provide a platform where we can simply share how we have been feeling and what we have been thinking over the last week in a friendly environment.

There is no set structure to the discussion - it’s open to whatever resonates with us most. 

We can talk about:

  • The coverage of the story & news anxiety
  • The events that unfolded at the vigil in Clapham and the impact of the current conversation
  • What can men do really?
  • What can we all do to change the structural misogyny?

Despite any change coming from this, realistically the onus will be on women for a while longer: what can we do to make us feel less unsettled?

Join the Women's Equality Party Hackney for this discussion. We can’t have equality without safety for women.

March 18, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8pm

Will you come?


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