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The Women’s Equality Party are contesting the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) election in North Yorkshire.

Every week, nine women in North Yorkshire experience sexual assault and seven experience rape. Reports of harassment and stalking shot up by 83% in North Yorkshire in just a year and an average of 15 domestic abuse offences are reported to the police every single day.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Violence against women is not inevitable.

Who is our candidate?

Dr Hannah Barham-Brown will be contesting the PFCC election in North Yorkshire on 25th November.

Working as GP Registrar in Leeds, and living in North Yorkshire, Hannah understands the needs of and the challenges faced by women, and took part in the protests against Philip Allott following his victim blaming comments. This is a huge opportunity to build a better future for women and girls in North Yorkshire, and send a message to politicians everywhere.

What will we do with the role?

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioners are responsible for huge remits and budgets to hold the police to account. North Yorkshire has shown exactly how powerful we are when we organised to remove Philip Allott from office after his disgraceful, victim blaming comments. Now it’s time to finish the job. Here's what WE will do:

  • Make ending violence against women and girls a top policing priority.
  • Launch an independent inquiry into misogyny in North Yorkshire Police. Run quarterly scrutiny panels reviewing the reasons abuse and sexual violence cases are dropped.
  • Ringfence discretionary funding for EVAWG organisations, particularly for sustainable funding for specialised services supporting Disabled, LGBTQ+, black and minoritised women.
  • Ensure specialist support for everyone reporting abuse and sexual violence.
  • Implement compulsory training for all agencies working with black and minoritised women who are victims of violence.
  • Ensure a trauma- informed and victim-led approach to investigations.

Enough is enough we will not allow politicians to sit idly by while women lose their lives, rights and freedoms in the face of violence.

Vote for Women's Equality Party candidate, Hannah Barham-Brown for the PFCC for North Yorkshire on 25th November.

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