It's not okay to criticise my vagina if you disagree with me - Helen Wilson's suggestion

It's not okay to criticise my vagina if you disagree with me

It's not okay to criticise my vagina if you disagree with me

Recently, a photograph of a group of teenage girls in shorts and bikini tops and another of a pouting teenager in a similar outfit turned up in my facebook feed. They were labelled 'slags' and the caption said they were thirteen. Rather than quietly deleting them, I commented that sexualising young people says more about those calling them slags than it does about the people in the photograph. I also said that there is no justification for calling any woman a slag because women have the right to enjoy sex just as men do. Apparently, I was missing the point and it was all just a bit of fun - and, besides, they clearly were slags. Would I let my daughter dress like that? I tried to answer each point made to me, this drew the conversation into paedophilia and hebephilia and rape. I was then criticised for this - the person who asked the question was not. I was called a man-hater for saying that attitudes like 'they're asking for it' gave tacit approval to rapists. A woman - a WOMAN! - tried to insult me by calling me an angry feminist. I don't understand why she wasn't an angry feminist when our young people cannot dress as they please without being perved over ("I wonder how long I would get?!"). And told me I needed to get over it because we have the vote... Finally, I was told, by one commenter, that not only would he pour acid on me if I was on fire but that I was jealous because I was too old and shrivelled to be raped and, also, that I had a vagina like a wizard's sleeve. I gave the young man a quick science lesson about what, exactly, would happen, if he poured acid on a fire, informed him that I would tell the man who did rape me that he should check with this lad next time he felt like raping somebody and ignored the wizard's sleeve thing because I had had enough and didn't feel like getting into the whole stereotyping of wizards debate at that time. I dread the thought that my son might turn out like that young man.

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