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History of policies

History of policy creation:

In 2015 WE launched a comprehensive and completely crowdsourced policy document covering six important policy areas.  You can see details of the policy areas by clicking the tiles on the page below. 

Download the full policy document >> 

At our first conference in 2016 our members voted to add a seventh policy area - Equality in Health.  The policy was developed by experts, crowdsourced with members and supporters, then launched and agreed by our members at our second conference in 2018. See details of the other policies and motions proposed and agreed at our conferences below.

We have an elected Policy Committee in place to develop and implement our policies in each of the areas, and a dedicated policy team for Scotland. They regularly hold online meetings for members to update them on the policy area and invite you to get involved in activism. Become a member today to make sure you are included. 

Meet our policy committee members >>

We haven't stopped there!  When we stood in the General Election in 2017 we wrote a fully-costed, groundbreaking manifesto, and in 2019 we stood in the European Parliament for the London list and launched another accompanying manifesto.  Each time, we presented them wrapped in a bow and with a 'please steal me' label to the other political parties in the race, because we believe they're too good to keep to ourselves. #nickablepolicies

See our 2019 European Parliament manifesto >>

Download our 2017 General Election manifesto >>

Download the easy read version of our 2017 General Election manifesto >>

In 2020, WE held our third Conference online. Members, committees and caucus's were given the opportunity to propose and debate various motions within our Party Business session. To find out which motions passed, please click the link below. 

Take a look at our 2020 motions to conference >>>

In 2021, WE contested the 2021 London elections with a pivotal manifesto that aimed to Build Back Equal from the pandemic, and make ending violence against women and girls a political priority. 

Read our 2021 London election manifesto >>

Equality in Health

WE are putting sex and gender at the centre of healthcare policy to support healthier outcomes all round - from access and provision to treatment and support.

Equal Representation

WE can create an equal parliament in just two elections. Without change, we will be waiting at least 50 years - and WE are not prepared to wait that long. In business, the judiciary and politics - women deserve equality.

Equal Pay & Opportunity

WE can make equal pay a reality. For every hour they work, women still earn just 81p of every pound earned by men. Women earn less per hour, less per job and less overall.

Equal Parenting and Caregiving

Our goal is to achieve truly shared parenting and caregiving. This will help reduce the pay gap, permit more women to take on decision making positions, enable more men to take part in childcare, and allow more children to benefit from time with both their parents.

Equal Education

We can use our nurseries and schools as engine rooms for possibility, inspiring young women and men to achieve their full potential, free from gendered expectations about the life they should lead.

Equal Media Treatment

Equality for women requires real cultural change, and the media has to be at the centre of that. It has to change to ensure our girls and boys grow up comfortable in themselves and to make it clear equality is ‘normal’.

End Violence Against Women

Thanks to catcalls in the street, everyday sexism, the chance of being groped or molested on public transport, and domestic violence in the home, millions of women feel unsafe every day of their lives.


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