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Take action with us - 30th January at 3pm

Parents and nurseries are at breaking point. The Government’s abandonment of working families and childcare providers is putting women’s employment at risk and could set gender equality back a generation. 

Seven out of 10 working mums have been denied time off to look after their children. Nearly half of mums made redundant during COVID blame the lack of childcare. Fifty percent of childcare providers face closure this year. Find out more about our five point plan to support parents and childcare workers during COVID. 

Our Government needs to be schooled on the impossible realities of COVID childcare, and we need you to help make that happen. 

How to take part:

1. Sign up to this action below so you receive important details on the day

2. Spread the word on your social media using #HomeSchooled

3. Record a short film or draw a picture to educate the Government on the realities of care during COVID to share on social media at 3pm using #Homeschooled to post on Saturday.

5. RSVP to join our online rally at 2.45 pm on Saturday 30th January

5. Share your video, image and post on social media at 3.00 pm on Saturday 30th January! 

*You don’t need to be a parent to take part - all you need is the determination to fight for the women who are struggling to make it through this crisis.

Why is it important to post on social media:

Political decisions worsened the childcare crisis and we must create pressure for urgent political action to help to lift us out of it. To do this we need to keep this issue in the media and online. Covid means that we can’t physically gather and protest, but we can still show the overwhelming support for urgent action by taking action remotely and making noise on social media and in our communities.

Need some ideas for your video or picture? Why not try some of these:

Example video

Example art

Example content:

'If mums spend 12 hours caring for young children, 6 hours teaching older kids, and 8 hours working every day, how much time does that leave for sleep?'

'If a parent has 28 days annual leave, and schools are closed for 92 days this year, how soon are they going to lose their job without your help?'

'Five year olds don’t nap from 9 - 5'

'If I'm not paid a living wage, and I catch COVID, how quickly do you think I’ll need a food bank?'

'If funding cuts close 75% of nurseries, how much do you think you’ll be spending on unemployment benefits for child care workers and parents?'

January 30, 2021 at 3:00pm - 3:15pm
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