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Debate & decision making

Debate & decision making

What happens at Party Conference?


At Party Conference WE will:

  • Discuss and approve the WE Constitution

  • Improve and endorse the WE Policy Document

  • Select a Policy Committee and explore how WE want to make policy decisions

  • Experiment with innovative ways of reaching a conclusion in a political debate

  • Discuss and decide on motions

  • Select representatives for the Steering Committee, which will hold the decision- making power between Party Conferences

  • Select representatives for the Policy Committee, which will execute the party’s policies between Party Conferences and make new policy proposals.

Party conference will also offer workshops and training and you will have the chance to meet other WE members and supporters from all across the UK.


What is my role as a delegate?

As a delegate you have the right to participate in Party Conference debates, to vote on policy motions, to elect the members of the Policy Committee and representatives to sit on the Steering Committee. You have the responsibility to be present during party business sessions and to ensure the party is operating in line with its core values and policies.

You also have the right, in collaboration with your branch or other WE members, to put forward motions, amendments to motions and ideas for policy discussions.


What is a motion?

A motion is a proposal for discussion and possible adoption as a resolution.

A policy motion can reaffirm the policy of the party or adopt a new policy.

A business motion is a proposal that concerns the internal work of the party.

An emergency motion is a proposal put forward after the deadline for motions is past to address an issue that has come up in the meantime. Emergency motions are not subject to amendment.

Motions are sent out to delegates electronically eight weeks ahead of Party Conference and you will have at least two weeks to submit amendments to the motions if you feel they’re necessary.

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What is a policy discussion?

Policy discussions are intended to deepen our understanding of current issues and policies that work towards gender equality.

At the first WE Party Conference we will choose six to seven topics to discuss in break-out sessions. This exercise will help us as a party to form our own ways of having political debates.

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