Jessie Macneil-Brown

Because we need more activists in politics! I have the experience, the right attitude and I’m relentlessly hard working.

I have nearly twenty years of campaigning experience at a local, national and global level. My professional career as a global campaigner has included work on sexual and reproductive rights, sex trafficking, climate change and using business as a force for good.

While it is a great privilege to travel around the world campaigning on these issues, I feel that using my skills and experience; I could be making an impact here in London to bring greater equality for women.

I’ve lived in the East End for 10 years and right now we need more women involved in politics to remove the recent corruption in our political systems, to respond to the housing crisis, which has reached a critical state, to ensure greater equality in the work force, so that everyone has a living wage with zero hour contracts abolished and we need a London Assembly focused on urgent action to address the funding crisis for organisations working to end violence against women.

I also want to push the London Assembly to use the gentrification of our city, taking place at break neck speed, to bring advantages to its residents. I'm incredibly proud of London’s wonderful diversity and the tolerance that most us have however we need to work harder and smarter to bring greater equality to women and I believe I could make some great contributions to that work.


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