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In 1918 the first women got the vote in the UK.

100 years later, we are still marching. We refuse to wait another century for gender equality. Join us today and make your mark on politics. 

This party was borne out of a demand for a different kind of politics - collaborative, focused and no-nonsense. Our members are working together in every part of the UK to deliver change - because equality is better for everyone. Be part of it.


'Looking at key moments over the last hundred years, 2018 seems to me to have the potential to be a really pivotal moment for women. It’s up to all of us to make it so.' 

- Helen Pankhurst


Joining to support a candidate shortlisted for the Greater London Assembly list?  Click here for an annual card membership to make sure you get a vote! 

Join the Women’s Equality Party

There isn’t a country in the world where women are equal to men. What if the UK could be the first? Welcome to the revolution. Join the Women’s Equality Party.

Concessionary Membership

WE offer reduced rates for students, carers, those on low-incomes and those who are unwaged.

Are you a man and wondering if we have room for you? Yes! WE know we need men in our movement if we’re to make the UK a fairer place, and if you’ve found your way here it’s because you know gender equality is good for the world and good for you. Join us!
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