Silent support is not enough - Jon Skeet's suggestion

Silent support is not enough

Silent support is not enough

I'd like to *think* I've always been reasonably equality-minded, though I'm not going to claim that makes me innocent of occasional sexist behaviour myself. Over the last year or so, I've been increasingly aware of sexism as an issue - both in terms of how much action is needed, and how close we *might* be to a tipping point where things can actually change. Silently willing active feminists luck isn't sufficient for me any more; I want to be more actively involved, in whatever small way I can. I want to be an agent of change instead of just a witness to it. How can I tell my sons that sexism is wrong if I'm not prepared to stand up and be counted? I don't know how much good I can actually do, but at the very least I can stop being silent. As an aside, I hope more men join #WE to show that this isn't a struggle of all women against all men - it's a struggle of considerate people against a sexist culture which devalues women. There's no shame and no betrayal in a man being a feminist.

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