Celine Thomas for Kent County Council - Women's Equality

Celine Thomas for Tunbridge Wells South

Celine Thomas for Tunbridge Wells South

Vote for Celine Thomas on 4th May

The Women’s Equality Party is doing politics differently.

At this year’s Kent County Council elections you have got the opportunity to do something different, by voting for the Women’s Equality Party for the first time.

I am standing in the Tunbridge Wells South Division because I’m tired of the same old party politics. Don’t miss this opportunity to give women a stronger voice on our County Council.

→ Out of 84 councillors currently on Kent County Council, only 17 are women. I want that to change.

→ I care more about good ideas and what’s right for my local community than party politics.

→ I will work collaboratively with the other parties to achieve what you want for our area.

→ It’s about all of us. We all count and that’s why women need a voice.

If you want a councillor that puts equality first every time, make history by voting for the first ever Women’s Equality Party County Councillor.


As your councillor, I will work to:

Make our community safer

I want to end violence against women and girls by making safety on our streets and in our community a key issue. Prevention, justice and support for all will be a top priority.

Support carers

Whether you are caring for the elderly, concerned about your own care in the future or juggling care of a young family and work, I will ensure that carers are at the top of the agenda. 

Ensure school places

I want everyone to have the opportunity to select a school that meets the needs of their children.

Tackle local transport

I will fight for safe cycle routes in and around our town and a public bus service that meets our community needs, to reduce congestion for the benefit of all.

Act for you

Most importantly, as your councillor I will listen to you and act for the benefit of our community.

Get involved: volunteer with the Tunbridge Wells campaign >>


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