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Universal, affordable childcare

Universal, affordable childcare

Tabitha Morton has a vision for the Liverpool City Region to become the first in the UK to offer universal, affordable childcare. Using the Metro Mayor’s devolved powers and budget WE will reduce child poverty, boost the economy and reduce gender inequalities.

The UK is lagging behind its neighbouring countries on both availability and affordability of childcare. This is harming our families, our businesses and our economy.

Across Liverpool, childcare costs are higher than the UK average, while in the region salaries are lower than the UK average. This means that there are tens of thousands of parents, mainly women, who simply can not afford to work.

WE will offer universal childcare for all children from the age of 9 months with the first 15 hours per week free and the rest payable by £1 per hour.

  • The bill for one child’s 25 hour per week childcare would go down to £10 per week, a saving of up to £5,500 per year for a one-child family.

  • This plan would create 40,000 jobs with fair wages - never below the living wage.

  • Women will gain more job and earning opportunities and fewer gender inequalities at home and at work.

  • Grandparents who have had to give up work or hobbies to help out with childcare will not need to do so anymore and will have more quality time with their grandchildren.

  • Businesses will benefit from the economic growth. They will be exposed to less staff turnover and have access to a bigger talent pool.

  • Childcare providers will be able to rely on a more sustainable demand. They will be supported to set up or expand their services, including with education and training for staff.

Everyone - with or without children - stands to benefit from these plans which will dramatically boost the region’s economy and create new opportunities. Instead of living in a region where child poverty is at an all times high, and social mobility extremely limited, WE will make the region a place where all can flourish.

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