Thank you for letting us know - Women's Equality

Thank you for letting us know

Thank you for letting us know

Thank you for letting us know you don't want to vote in our leadership election. 

Just click the button below to let us know you don't want to exercise your right to vote. 

Before you confirm, you may still be wondering how voting will work: Nominations will published until 19th August (see the full timetable). Our independent scrutineer UK engage will get in touch with all registered voters with the information they need to make their decision and details of the debates they can attend to hear from the candidates.  As a supporter, your vote would count for 10 percent of a WE member's vote.  We do this because we know their are lots of reasons why people don't or can't join, and we believe it's important to give everyone in our movement a voice when we can. 

We appreciate you taking the time to tell us this and we will update our records accordingly.  If you change your mind at any point between now and 26th August please email us at [email protected] to let us know. 

If you have a moment, we would like to know a little more about your reason for not wanting to participate in the election, to help us to better understand how you see us. 


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