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Leader’s Office maternity leave FAQs

Leader’s Office maternity leave FAQs

Who is covering whilst Mandu is on maternity leave?

Whilst party Leader, Mandu Reid is on maternity leave from November 2023, party President Catherine Mayer, who is already a spokesperson for the party, will be stepping up as the party’s lead spokesperson. The intention is also to return to having a full team of three Deputy Leaders who will be working part-time and flexibly, and will also substitute for the Leader during maternity leave.

When will Mandu be back?

Mandu will be away on maternity leave for up to a year beginning November 2023 and will return to her duties after that.

Why do we need cover whilst Mandu is away?

The Leader’s role is hugely important for the party and includes vital work which delivers on the party’s strategic goals every day. Not only is Mandu the Party’s lead spokesperson she also plays a key role setting our strategic direction, working with our partners, working with our Central Office team to support our branches, activists and caucuses, and leading the party’s fundraising effort. It would be really difficult for the party to continue to deliver the kind of influence and change we have won all throughout our short history without additional support whilst Mandu is on leave.

Why aren’t we having an interim leader?

The Constitution allows the Steering Committee to appoint an interim Leader in the event of a vacancy in the Leader’s post, followed by a leadership election within 20 weeks. Mandu will continue to be the Leader whilst she is on maternity leave, and will return to her duties as leader following that.

Who are the Deputy Leaders?

We currently have three Deputy Leaders, Sophia Moreau, Kay Wesley and Harriet Williams, who were appointed by the Leader in November 2023 and announced at conference. Sophia and Harriet have been appointed for a year. Kay will be a Deputy Leader until May, when she will become Mayor of Congleton, and Stacy Hart will then take over from her.

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How are Deputy Leaders selected?

As set out in article 7.1.10 of the Constitution, Deputy Leaders are appointed by the Leader.

When is the next election for party Leader?

Mandu’s current five year term as Leader is due to conclude in December 2024. Full details of the election including the timetable, guidance for candidates and Officers will all be published in good time ahead of the election by the Steering Committee. Full members of the party aged 18 or over are eligible to contest leadership elections.


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