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Take Women’s Equality to the next generation

We’ve been marching for 100 years and WE refuse to wait another 100 years for change.

Our ‘If you will, WE can’ campaign encourages members and supporters to remember the Women’s Equality Party in their Wills.

By honouring the past with an investment in the future you can help to accelerate the rate of change and ensure that women are equally represented in politics and treated fairly in the media, the workplace and the home.

Making a Will is an important way to be sure your wishes are followed the way you intend.

As well as looking after your loved ones, writing a Will is your opportunity to make a real difference by leaving money to a cause close to your heart such as the Women’s Equality Party. No matter how large or small your donation, WE will always be grateful to you.


‘It was a no brainer to me to decide to leave something to WEP once I am gone. Where else will my money have as great an impact?’

- Val Carpenter, WE member & Legacy donor 


If you will, WE can.

Further information on how to make or change your Will >>



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