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To include the Women’s Equality Party in your Will, it is important that you seek legal advice.

You may wish to provide your solicitor with the following wording:

“I give the sum of £_________ to the Women’s Equality Party of Studio 18, Bluelion Place, Long Lane, London SE1 4PU, GB Registered Political Party No. PP2755. I further direct that the receipt of the person who professes to be the Treasurer or other proper officer of the Women’s Equality Party shall be full and sufficient discharge for said legacy.”

You can leave either a specific sum, or a percentage of what you have. That’s entirely up to you.

If you have already made a Will, it’s a good idea to keep it under review as your circumstances change. Changing your Will is simple; just ask your solicitor to include a codicil for the Women’s Equality Party.

WE hope it will be many years before WE benefit from your bequest. Some of us who are discussing it now may not even be around. But future feminists, WE members and activists will be as grateful to your legacy to Women’s Equality as WE are to Val.

If you intend to leave a gift to the Women’s Equality Party, we would be delighted to hear from you. You are not obliged to tell us of any gift you wish to leave. However, knowledge of future gifts will help us to plan ahead. We will, of course, treat any information you leave us in the strictest of confidence. You can inform us of your intentions by completing the pledge form here >> or you can email us at finance@womensequality.org.uk


Important information

Your gift will be allocated to projects that help our work to bring about women's equality. The Women’s Equality Party relies on donations from individual members and supporters to carry out our work. Every gift makes a difference. Whatever the amount, your gift will help us meet the most pressing needs the future brings to the Women’s Equality Party.

Any pledge you make regarding a gift to the Women’s Equality Party places no obligation on you to donate should you change your mind. You can have your Will altered by a solicitor to remove the legacy quite simply by adding a codicil or when rewriting your Will.

Because the Women’s Equality Party does not currently have a sitting MP and in addition did not receive more than 150,000 votes in the last General Election, any legacy gift to the Women’s Equality Party is subject to Inheritance Tax. Inheritance Tax of 40% is levied on all estates over the value of £325,000 for a single person or £650,000 for a married couple or civil partners. This situation is subject to change at future elections. WE are working on it!

For us to accept any donation over the sum of £500, you must have been registered on the electoral roll in the preceding 5 years. Unfortunately, if this is not the case we will not be legally allowed to accept a gift you have left us in your Will.

Donations over £7,500 must be disclosed to the Electoral Commission. No disclosure is made until receipt and all other information will be held in the strictest of confidence. Expressing an interest in or pledging to donate does not constitute a legal contract nor place an obligation upon you.

Your details are safe with us. WE will never share them with anyone else. By providing us with your information, you are agreeing to the Women's Equality Party keeping you informed about our events, campaigns and progress by email. You can opt out of communications at any time by emailing us at info@womensequality.org.uk

You can also ask for your details to be removed from our database on the above email address.

If you have any questions, please contact us at finance@womensequality.org.uk

However, please remember that WE cannot provide legal advice.


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