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Leila Fazal

Leila Fazal

I’m from a deprived area riddled with racism and poverty during Thatcher’s era, which, compounded with having a single parent mum and an Asian dad, fueled my drive for equality early on. Aged 5, in a school assembly I shared what I wanted to be when older: ‘A ballet dancer, and the Prime Minister because I want to stop black people being picked on.’ Aged 16, I embarked on activism; protesting with my mum’s severely disabled friend for disability access to the town hall. We won. 

Education was my ticket out of poverty, and from the age of 14 I worked to fund my degree in history and women’s studies. At university I learnt to analyse, debate and apply a feminist lens. I’ve dedicated my career to the charity sector and have built a knowledge on gender equality, environmentalism, peacebuilding, corruption and transparency, housing, health and children in care.

I’m a Steering Committee and BAME caucus member, a dedicated canvasser, WE’s voluntary fundraising mentor, a WE local election candidate and was Lambeth’s branch leader. 

My dream of ballet broke along with my ankle. As for being Prime Minister, I’ll settle for using my skills in the GLA and representing WE.

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Facebook: leila.fazal


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