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Leila Fazal

I’ve been a London resident for the majority of my life, a dedicated charity worker, avid equality rights campaigner & generally on a mission to make the world a nicer & fairer place for all… & now a Greater London Assembly (GLA) candidate for the Women’s Equality Party!

The deprivation I experienced in my childhood does not have to be the reality. Society can & should be fairer. I dedicated my career to the charity sector & my free time to campaigning, to help end inequality, poverty & discrimination.

Even with all this passion to make society a better place for everyone, I never thought that me, a girl from a deprived background, mixed race & dreaming of equality, would ever be running as a political candidate.  

When I discovered the Women’s Equality Party (WEP), I found my political home. I was united with 30,000 WEP members & supporters. WEP made me realise I can be part of the political solution. Politics does not have to be made up of those groomed for political representation or those who have never experienced inequality & therefore do not take action to address it.

Politics needs ordinary women like me to be at the table & help end women’s inequality.

1 in 4 women are subjected to violence. One of the biggest killers of women is their ex or current partner. 1 in 10 women suffer from women’s related ill-health & it takes 7 years for most women to be diagnosed. The majority of homeless women have taken to the streets to escape violence & abuse. Women’s pensions are on average worth a third of men’s. Women continue to be the main carers for children & relatives. For every £1 a man earns, women on average earn 80p, & that disparity is greater if you’re a Black, Asian, disabled or older. Two thirds of girls experience street harassment before they are 16.

It does not have to be like this. London could be the leading city in the world on equality.

The Women's Equality Party is going to to transform London for women & bring about equality. We can do this by transforming the GLA. 

That’s why I am running as a GLA candidate. And I need your help. I need donations to help fund my campaign to run as a GLA candidate.

The GLA covers housing, transport, London planning, crime and policing, fire services and the economy. 

  We need the GLA to: 

  • Put violence against women and girlsat the top of the agenda; work with police to prevent violence & the justice system to hold perpetrators to account & provide services for victims, including BAME, disabled & women in care.    
  • Provide safer, accessible streets& transport in London for all women, including young, older & disabled women.
  • Make London the leading city on addressing climate change.
  • Work with London businesses & trades to address the gender pay gap, work-based discrimination& promote business women.
  • Demand a London living wage for domestic, care & health workers who are mainly women, working class & BAME.
  • End housing inequality& social housing cleansing, & provide social housing for the most vulnerable. 

Your donation will help fund me to run as a GLA political candidate & help the Women's Equality Party transform London into the first gender equal city!  

To visit Leila Fazal's fundraising page click here.

LinkedIn: leila-fazal

Facebook: leila.fazal

Twitter: Leila_Fazal


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