2018 local election results - Women's Equality

Local election results: WE candidates on the march

Local election results: WE candidates on the march

Women’s Equality Party candidates across England deliver outstanding results in local elections.


Published on 4 May 2018


The results from the local elections are in, and they show a step-change in support for Women’s Equality Party candidates.

Thirty women, the vast majority of whom had never stood for election before, delivered some spectacular results as the electorate responded to our call to hold the other parties to account on their lack of ideas to support women.

Islington candidate Nikki Uppal came second to Labour candidates, leapfrogging the Greens, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives. In Lewisham and in Lambeth, Rebecca Manson Jones and Janet Baker won support from a quarter of voters. And in eight more wards across England, including Tunbridge Wells and Harrogate, more than 10 percent of voters supported our candidates.

Sophie Walker, Leader of the Women's Equality Party, said: 

"WE ran 30 candidates in 30 communities because we understand that affordable childcare, access to social care and proper funding for women's refuges and community organisations are just as important as filling in potholes and emptying bins.

"Our candidates inspired party activists and voters alike with their message that politics is for ordinary (and extraordinary) women and that we can remake politics to work better for everyone.”


The results: 

Council Ward Candidate % of voters who voted WEP Number of votes
Barnet West Finchley Amanda Shribman 10.54% 497
Bradford Baildon Cat Crossley 2% 76
Brent Queens Park Emma Ko 15.40% 626
Bromley Plaistow & Sundridge Caroline MacVay 9.44% 440
Enfield Town Tulip Hambleton 12.9% (estimated) 648
Exeter Duryard and St. James Bea Gare 3.3% 75
Greenwich Charlton Pamela Ritchie 16% 652
Hackney Dalston Harini Iyengar 13% 314
Harrogate Stray
Helen Shay
6.50% 94
Harrogate St Georges Jean Laight 10.40% 128
Highbury West
Alison Marshall 8.4% (estimated) 444
Islington Hillrise Nikki Uppal 21.20% 818
Lambeth Princes Eleanor Hemmens 8.1% (estimated) 326
Lambeth Brixton Hill Janet Baker 24% 842
Lambeth Ferndale Leila Fazal 9.70% 366
Leeds Headingley and Hyde Park Louise Jennings 8.50% 394
Lewisham Brockley Kate Vang 11.47% 542
Lewisham Lewisham Central Mandu Reid 8.50% 428
Lewisham Ladywell

Rebecca Manson Jones 26% 1188
Manchester Chorlton Jo Heathcote 9.30% 465





Samantha Johnson

Wendy Thomson





Richmond Twickenham Riverside Caroline Rayfield 18.60% 741
Sheffield Walkley Anne Butler 3.40% 162
Southwark Goose Green Claire Empson 22.50% 1,075
Southwark Borough and Bankside Eileen Scholes 4.90% 118
Stockport Heatons North Diane Coffey 5% 212
Tower Hamlets Bethnal Green Jessie Macneil Brown 10% 564
Tunbridge Wells Culverden Liz Orr 15% 323
Worcester Bedwardine Leisa Taylor 7.14% 158

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