Local Elections 2022 - Women's Equality

Meet our candidates!

Meet our candidates!

WE are standing candidates in the 2022 local elections

Only 1 in 3 local councillors are women. We need your help to make it 1 in 2. Women's voices and experiences are missing from vital decision-making in local authorities - imagine what we could achieve with a feminist councillor in every corner of the UK. Many of our candidates have never stood for election before, but WE are determined to increase equal representation on 5th May 2022. Back our candidates by donating today >> 

Meet our amazing local candidates: 

Barnet (Edgware): Lisa Bard 

Lisa Bard

Already active in the Edgware community, Lisa established a night shelter for people experiencing homelessness and is trustee of Together in Barnet, the only night shelter in Barnet. Lisa mentors students at The London Academy in Edgware to increase social mobility and prepare them for the world of work. She has contributed to Barnet Council’s Strategy on Violence Against Women and Girls.

If elected, Lisa pledges to end sexism in Barnet’s schools, ensure no woman is turned away from a Barnet refuge and end violence against women and girls.

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Kay Lauer

Barnet (Mill Hill): Kay Lauer

I work towards tackling inequalities against women and in wider society. These cost the economy - as an example, domestic abuse alone costs £66 billion annually (Home Office, 2019). Discrimination against women needs to be addressed in policy making at local council level.

In our local area, I want to rebalance inequalities so that public resources go to public services and local businesses - not to wealthy private business. Across the borough, I hear complaints about this. An example is the cuts made to library services, borough-wide by the current and previous councils.

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Barnet (Golders Green): Debbie Brazil

Debbie Brazil

Debbie has been a lifelong campaigner and advocate against discrimination and injustice. As a student, she was Women’s Officer of the Union of Jewish Students, a rape crisis counsellor and campaigned against imprisonment of Soviet Jews.

Debbie is the founder of the End Sexism in Schools campaign, which she created to address the endless sexism she has observed throughout her children's schooling. Debbie leads Quality Improvement in an NHS hospital, bringing this evidence-based approach from her day job to her approach to everyday life. Debbie will be that voice, demanding that women's needs are at the heart of council policy making.

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Olivia Vincenti

Barnet (West Finchley): Olivia Vincenti

Olivia is a long-time resident in Barnet where she raised a family, she is now retired having worked in children’s social care and the voluntary sector. Locally, she initiated and organised the annual street party, bringing together neighbours to build community spirit, enabling children and young people to play and socialise. In 2019 Olivia stood as a candidate for the European Parliament for the Women’s Equality Party.  If elected Olivia, will fight for those with the greatest need; help residents experiencing food and fuel poverty; ensuring girls can be safe from sexual harassment in Barnet schools and on the street.

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Basingstoke (Hatch Warren & Beggarwood): Stacy Hart

Stacy Hart

The people of Hatch Warren & Beggarwood are crying out for change, for someone that doesn’t take winning the seat for granted or abandon it as an automatic win for their rival so ‘why bother?’.

I'm standing because I believe passionately in what WE are doing, and every door I knock on means more people know we're doing it, and want to hear about it, and want to join in. It’s thrilling to see people impressed with our commitment and our policies, every day. Win or lose, wherever WE stand, equality wins!

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Priya Brown

Basingstoke (Eastrop and Grove): Priya Brown

Passionate about equality for all, Priya Brown is the Local Elections Candidate for the Womens Equality Party standing in Eastrop and Grove. Priya is an active community volunteer taking on several lead roles to encourage and empower people and communities to thrive.

She is dedicated to putting equality at the forefront and centre of policy and action in local politics.

Priya is campaigning to be a strong voice for residents who want a better, more equal and fairer world to live in which starts here at home in Basingstoke and Deane.

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Edinburgh (Leith Walk): David Renton

David Renton

David Renton is standing in Leith Walk Ward in Edinburgh, where he has lived since 2000. David is a Charity Worker, a Community Councillor and a Disability Advocate. By background he is a Barrister. David is a founding life member of the Women’s Equality Party (WE) and has been a Feminist for 50 years. 

David also stood as a WE candidate in the Scottish Parliament Elections in 2021, and has been involved in every election WE have ever stood for in Scotland. David is Treasurer of WE Edinburgh and Lothian; the first ever Women’s Equality Party branch in the UK.

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Kerry Heathcote

Edinburgh (Forth): Kerry Heathcote

Kerry Heathcote is standing in Forth Ward in Edinburgh, where she has lived and worked since May 2018. She has been a volunteer and chairperson of West Granton Community Trust / Prentice Centre Community Hub since August 2018.
Kerry is committed to achieving equality for all and is active in WE Edinburgh and Lothian; the first ever Women’s Equality Party branch in the UK.

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Hackney (Clissold): Tabitha Morton

Tabitha Morton

"I am excited to be offering the voters in Clissold an alternative - to vote for change, imaginative and transformational politics where women’s lives are a political priority." Growing up on a council estate with a deeply conservative family in Liverpool, she left school at 10 years old. Society's expectations of what Tabitha could be were narrow. Awareness that these boundaries are both someone else's idea of what you can be and a way to control you drives her activism.

Tabitha always believed politics was for other people: “I saw activism and politics as two very different things. Joining the Women’s Equality Party turned my ideas upside down. I felt like I had come home”. She is currently one of WE’s Deputy Leaders & Spokesperson for Ending VAWG.

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Sarah Mills

Haringey (Harringay): Sarah Mills

I am standing as a candidate because I am tired of women being failed. Women and girls deserve better, and we deserve to be represented by people that we can trust and who genuinely care about our needs and interests. We have the right to: be and feel safe; childcare that is genuinely affordable and that functions; and to live in environments that improve quality of life.

I believe WEP represents an opportunity for a more progressive politics and is the only party putting gender equality top of the agenda.

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Kingston (St Mark's and Seething Wells): Deborah Olszewski

Deborah Olszewski

I was a student at Kingston Polytechnic before it became a university. After many years working in public health research (in London, Scotland, Italy and Portugal) I returned to live in Kingston seven years ago.

In Kingston, the gender pay gap is wider now than it was before the pandemic. I will work to ensure there is investment in affordable local childcare and plenty school and nursery places. I will put tackling violence against women and girls high on the political agenda and prioritise funding to ensure no woman is turned away from a refuge.

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Lambeth (Brixton Acre Lane): Janet Baker

Janet Barker

I'm a WE founding member - 7 years and it seems we've got more to do than ever. And not being one to ask someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself, I’m standing again in Lambeth.

I’m passionate about the power of local community. I run a community centre on Tooting common – having spent the previous 18 years as a decorator.

I ran Lambeth’s emergency food service in lockdown – the hardest and most wonderful job I’ve ever had. Much of the time – when not ranting about the state of things – I can be found walking the dog.

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Leeds (Alwoodley): Prof. Louise Jennings
Louise Jennings
Originally from the Midlands, Professor Louise Jennings came to Leeds 25 years ago to study for a PhD. She now holds a Chair in Medical Engineering at the University of Leeds and is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

She is a proud mother and feminist, who has lived in the Alwoodley Ward of Leeds for over 10 years. She is running to represent the people of Alwoodley because she believes we need to put equality, diversity and inclusion at the core of local government.

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Diane Coffey

Stockport (Heatons North): Dr. Diane Coffey

A founder member and Stockport Outreach officer for Greater Manchester WEP, I retired after 35 years' teaching in comprehensive classrooms and language colleges for overseas students to become a unpaid carer for my father.

Locally I’m very active in protecting our green belt from industrial expansion and in nudging Stockport Council to proceed with the practical development of their White Ribbon strategy to shake the incumbent pale, stale males out of their complacency.

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Stockport (Reddish North): Paula King

Paula King

My name is Paula King, and I'm contesting the local election in my home ward of Reddish North in Stockport. I’m campaigning for increased funding for safe accommodation and community support services for women experiencing domestic abuse.

I will also address the urgent need to provide long-term investment in the childcare sector to sustain women's vital participation in the workplace. As a Community Champion I will use my knowledge of the local area, along with my first-hand experience as a carer, to shine a light on the gaps in provision and the much-needed support required in the care sector.

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Donna-Maree Humphrey

Salford (Weaste and Seedley): Donna-Maree H

My name is Donna-Maree Humphery and I’m honoured to be standing as a candidate in my home ward of Weaste and Seedley, Salford. I’m a social worker and social activist. I have worked with victim/survivors of sexual violence and supported young people leaving prison. I’m now a lecturer at the University of Salford.

I want to represent the people of Weaste and Seedley to ensure Salford Council hear their voices and recognise the ongoing impact that austerity measures coupled with the rising cost of living is continuing to have on ordinary families. I will always fight for putting people over profit.

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Tameside (Mossley): Hattie Thomas

Hattie Thomas

I'm a single parent and a full-time teacher. Like many women, I have to balance my job with childcare and my finances. I want Tameside council to invest in more affordable childcare so women can take up work, education and other opportunities. Tameside has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in Greater Manchester.

I will demand that the Council invests in safe accommodation and community support services. As a teacher, I see firsthand the impact that inequality has in our children. I will push for more support and services to reduce the anxiety and trauma children face as a result of domestic abuse and poverty.

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Lucy Wood


Trafford (St. Mary's): Lucy Wood

I'm a mum, step-mum and educator. My mission at work is to build a fairer education system. Like many women, I have lived through some huge challenges, and I know first hand how women are let down by the system, and how fortunate I am to have survived with relatively few scars.

Violence against women has reached epidemic proportions. I will ensure Trafford council invests more in domestic abuse services and in programmes that challenge and change male attitudes and behaviour. I'm standing for election because I believe everyone has the right to a safe and happy home and will work to ensure St. Mary's is a great place to live for everyone.

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Manchester (Chorlton): Jo Heathcote

Jo Heathcote I am a teacher and writer of text books, study guides and other resources. I spend much of my working life helping to improve English teaching in secondary schools across the north west. I believe in doing politics differently, building back equal with care, compassion, community and conservation.

I am passionate about saving our green spaces, which are so vital to supporting our mental well-being. I'm proud to have launched the first Women's Night Walk in Chorlton in collaboration with Friends of Ryebank Fields, raising awareness of the campaign to save the fields and issues regarding women's safety in public spaces. The walk has become a regular event, with vigils for quiet reflection following the heart breaking murders of women in green spaces over the past year. My work to end violence against women and girls will continue.

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Samantha Days

Manchester (Crumpsall): Samantha Days

My name is Samantha, I am a born and bred Mancunian and have lived in Crumpsall for over 20 years. I am a member of Women’s Equality Party Greater Manchester Branch. I am standing in the Crumpsall ward of Manchester for the second time and am very proud to be doing so.

In Crumpsall, as we continue to emerge from Covid-19 into challenging times, with cost-of-living increases, food and fuel poverty and foodbank use increasing, we need to work together across our ward focusing on these local issues developing a strong community plan to support all Crumpsall residents to live better lives.

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Milton Keynes (Newport Pagnell North and Hanslope): Jane Whild

Jane Whild

I have lived in Milton Keynes for over 30 years and raised my family there. As an equality & diversity champion I have campaigned for misogyny to be recorded by the Thames Valley Police and for Milton Keynes Council to acknowledge and address the high rates of violence against women and girls.

If elected, I will demand that councillors put women’s specific economic needs, safety, and wellbeing at the heart of their policies. When women’s needs are equally considered, everyone in the community benefits.

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Caroline Rayfield

Richmond (Twickenham Riverside): Caroline Rayfield

My name is Caroline Rayfield and I am the leader of the Women’s Equality Party branch in Richmond. I was our candidate in May 2018 when 18.6% of voters voted for me. WE are a credible and well-supported alternative to the Westminster parties in local politics. I was a leader of the cross-party campaign to introduce a buffer zone around the BPAS clinic in East Twickenham. I regularly attend and speak at the monthly vigil on Twickenham Green that WE organise to highlight the need to end Violence Against Women and Girls.

I contributed to the WEP survey of local childcare, aimed at finding out what needs to be done rather than what the politicians think should be done. I am Chair of Governors for St Mary’s Primary School, which my three children attend.

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Richmond (St Margarets and North Twickenham): Trixie Rawlinson

Trixie Rawlinson

I love the borough of Richmond where I’ve lived, worked and raised my family for more than twenty years. I believe in local politics that puts people and community first and look forward to being a voice for equality for all on the council.

As we emerge from the Covid 19 pandemic into economically very uncertain times I believe it’s important to prioritise local issues that will make Richmond Borough a great place to live. I'm up for the hard work of prioritising local needs and working with others to develop responses that will make a real difference.

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Eliana Reyes

Richmond (Kew): Eliana Reyes

I am an NHS physician, a clinical researcher and an academic who has been living in London for 23 years and moved to the Borough of Richmond upon Thames 10 years ago.

I have had the privilege of training and working in highly regarded hospitals across London and was awarded a PhD in Medicine at Imperial College London. My work has revolved around care, whether within the clinical, educational, or personal realm. Recently, I decided it was time to care for and support my local community through the works and under the premises of the Women’s Equality Party.

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Sheffield (Ecclesall): Christine Rose

Christine Rose


Christine has been a member of WEP for over 4 years, having previously worked for Sheffield City Council. She has been involved in campaigning against VAWG for many years as chair of Rape Crisis now SRASACS, Chair of domestic abuse forum and now Chair of Know the Line campaign against sexual harassment.

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Sheffield (Walkley): Victoria Kensdale

I’m totally thrilled to be standing for Women’s Equality Party in Sheffield. I love animals, reading, sailing and playing piano! I also really enjoy volunteering with BEAT.

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Emily Kent

Southend (Chalkwell): Emily Kent

Emily is the only candidate in Southend committed to changing local politics, not just upholding the status quo. Emily will provide a strong voice that will speak up for the rights of women and prioritise the right for all residents to live free from the fear of male violence.

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Wales (Gabalfa): Bethan Fry
Bethan Fry

Hello, I’m Bethan, and I'm standing in the Gabalfa ward in Cardiff, which is where I live. I’m a student at Cardiff Met University and also work at a local mother and baby hostel.

I’m standing in this election because I believe that local voices should be at the heart of local decision making. My priorities include; preventing violence and harassment against women and girls, accessible and affordable childcare, public participation in major spending and policy decisions, and developing a user led health and wellbeing strategy.

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Christine Dean

Waltham Forest
(Hale End and Highams Park South ): Christine Dean

Christine has lived in Waltham Forest and the Highams Park and Hale End Ward for 20 years. She was the Deputy Chair of Governors for Handsworth Primary School for eight years and a strong advocate for women on women's issues.

Christine values honesty, integrity, and independent thought, and will bring these qualities, as WEP Candidate. Within the Party, Christine has been a Branch Leader, a member of the Policy Committee and Race Equality Caucus, and she is currently a WEP Deputy Leader. Christine’s goal is achieving equality for women in all aspects of public and private life, especially in Government positions.

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