Lucy Salek

Growing up, my Mum was our 'breadwinner'. This was never raised as a problem for a woman or a mother. I entered adulthood assuming the 'feminist revolution' was complete.

But we all know this isn’t the case…

My introduction to modern-day sexism came at my first job in a big company… the creeping discomfort as I started to notice the comments, the inequalities, the jokes... Male colleagues could not see it, female colleagues would not raise it, and so it continued.

Decisions are made by those that turn up – I’m turning up because I believe growing up without limits should be the norm, not the exception.

I’m a proud Londoner: born in Greenwich, raised in Eltham, and after spending my University years abroad I returned 10 years ago to settle in Brockley. I’m also a Conflict Specialist for a humanitarian charity, a local volunteer in my community, a Muslim convert and, of course, proud to be a ‘Founder’ Member of WEP.

I’m running for the GLA because, after working in the heart of British politics for 4 years, one thing I know is that all politics is local. This is where we need to start.

The rumour that Brixton could be ‘rebranded’ as East Clapham is testament to the mess that London is now in – inequality is out of control, gentrification is for profit not for community. As always, women are at the sharp end of this reality. I plan to make this the focus of my campaign for the GLA.


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