I believe it was a raincoat that changed my mind. - Magda Devas' suggestion

I believe it was a raincoat that changed my mind.

I believe it was a raincoat that changed my mind.

I was involved in socialist politics with a left-wing boyfriend. I began to feel that women's needs weren't addressed and our voices were silenced. One day I turned up to a meeting wearing a reversible coat. My boyfriend didn't like the lavendar colour on the outside, so I reversed it so only the sober navy blue was showing and only a tiny amount of the lavendar colour showed on the cuffs. Later at the same meeting my boyfriend made a sexist remark about me, once again trivialising my contribution. I stormed off, but not before I had taken off my coat and reversed it back so that lavendar was showing and the navy blue only peeked out at the cuffs. I later discovered lavendar to be one of the suffrage colours. I realised then and there that I wanted the same for my politics as I did for my raincoat: I wanted my women's politics to be on the outside. Yes, some of the issues are the same, like low pay can affect both sexes, but I wanted our issues to be visible. It's taken over thirty years from that moment, but at last, we have a women's party. WEEEEE!

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