March of the Mummies - Women's Equality

March of the Mummies

March of the Mummies

What is it?

On Tuesday 31st October, individuals and families across the UK will come together to stand up for the rights of working mums, dressing as ancient mummies to represent the archaic legislation that is currently in place. 

Speakers will include: Sophie Walker (Women's Equality Party), Caroline Lucas MP, Helen Skelton and Anna Whitehouse (aka Mother Pukka).


We will meet at North Terrace on Trafalgar Square and will march to Parliament Square where we will present MPs with our demands for change. Sister marches are taking place at:

Why are WE doing this?

Since day one, WE have fought for truly shared parenting and caregiving. Because we know this has the potential to transform our economy and society. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and we are determined to shatter the stereotypes that hold them back. WE want every family to be able to make real choices about how to balance work and family life, and we want all parents to be valued and treated fairly.

The joys and responsibilities of parenthood are not shared equally in our society because we do not value care. Too often women are dropping out of the workplace and men are dropping out of their families. Juggling work and family life can be a real challenge for single parents, the vast majority of whom are women. LGBT+ and disabled parents face huge barriers in accessing services and support, and low-income and BAME parents are frequently demonised in the media and through policy. Discrimination is more common than it has ever been, with the number of pregnant women who are pushed out of their jobs doubling in the last 10 years. Three out of four working mums say they have encountered negative or discriminatory treatment in the workplace.

WE want to change this and equal parenting is one of our key goals. Our General Election manifesto set out our vision for a Caring Economy and our Policy Document includes brilliant ideas to make real change. WE are the only political party committed to: 

  • Six weeks paternity leave at 90% of pay, on a use-it-or-lose-it basis
  • Universal free childcare for all, from the end of parental leave until school age
  • Maternity rights that are protected and not linked to employment

The march is being organised by pressure group Pregnant Then Screwed in collaboration with Women’s Equality Party, Fawcett Society and Working Families among others. Together, WE will make equal parenting a reality.

Find out more about our childcare policy here >> 

October 31, 2017 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Location across the UK

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