No more living at, time to change - Gavin Marcus Wells' suggestion

No more living at, time to change

No more living at, time to change

No more living at 50% - women and men are equally valuable, and the world is better once that is recognised, accepted and we can all live a full, rich life. Men are the primary and majority offenders in the persistence of gender based inequality. Men have more responsibility to address this than the women affected by it. A man accepts his responsibility and acts upon it. I choose to be a man. I choose to seek the best - and the best comes from being able to access all. The efforts, wisdom, intelligence, creativity, faith, emotions, culture and attitudes of women and men in equal value. If as a man you have not yet realised this, but now do - be a man, act upon it. If as a man you were raised to believe in "men being better" or "men being more important" challenge those beliefs, try to validate them, do not accept them blindly for then you are little but an empty vessel leading a life based on mis-information If as a man you choose to believe in gender inequality - challenge yourself, ask yourself why. Are you scared of benefitting from all that the other 3,650,000,000 people on this planet have to offer? Do you recognise that women are better suited, better able...just plain better at some things than men? Could you accept that both genders are better at some things, but that we are equally valuable? Do not be fooled into thinking that gender inequality is better, gives you, a man, more opportunity. It doesn't. It gives you more chance to work, to exist in a smaller, sadder, less colourful, less efficient, less successful world. What on earth would any sane man choose that? It is time to be counted, this has lasted several thousand years too long. Men - think, realise, accept your responsibility and act upon it. Gender inequality must end now. Gavin

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