First Pet Show - Women's Equality

First Pet Show

First Pet Show

For a night of fur, scales and claws, join us by clicking here to book a place at the first ever WEP pet show from the comfort of your own sofa.


This is open to everyone and is the perfect excuse to show your pets off!

Join us as a spectator or as a participant.

Tickets are free with donations welcome. Donations will help fund the work we do in Greater Manchester next year.

How it works

There are ten categories in total. The first nine will be judged by our select panel of judges and the tenth will be voted on by the audience.

Each category is either a photo or video entry. Photo entries must be emailed to [email protected] by midnight on 11 December 2020. Video entries may be emailed in advance (same as photo entries) or performed live on the night, and can be up to 30 seconds long.

Simply purchase your participant ticket then add on each category you would like to enter (you can enter as many categories as you like, as many times as you like). Be quick - each category has a limited number of entries available!

Prizes to be announced on the night.


1. Pets who look like celebrities

Video entry

Does your pet resemble an A-lister or even a Z-lister? Roll out the red carpet, we want to see your Leonado di Catrios, Meowryl Streeps and Jennifish Lopezes.

2. Best pet portrait

Photo entry

The world is your oyster and it can be you pet's too. Snap a pic and embellish it. Feel free to draw a tutu on your toucan or lederhosen on your Labrador.

Tip: this is best done on WhatsApp or Microsoft Paint.

3. Cutest eater

Video entry

Get a pile of treats ready and feel smug as the 'ahhhhhhhs' roll in.

4. Best Smile

Photo entry

This can be dazzling or downright terrifying, send us a picture of your pet's pearly whites.

5. Best noise

Video entry

Does you pet squeak, squawk or even talk? We want to hear your pet's say on this.

6. Best dressed

Photo entry

Get your pet dressed up to the ca-nines and watch them strut their stuff on the cat-walk.

7. Unlikeliest duo: friends across the species

Video entry

Does your pet have a best friend from across the species? Maybe cats and dogs can get along, or maybe your tortoise doesn't mind giving your hamster a piggyback. It's what Sir David Attenborough would want.

8. Best trick

Video entry

This may require a second pile of treats nearby. Will you see a blindfolded ferret dive through a ring of fire on a tiny skateboard? Probably not. But there's bound to be some animal gymnastics along the way.

9. Best in Show

Video entry

For our finale, our audience will vote for their favourite pet of the evening. All pets who participate in the show will automatically be entered into this category.

Why is a political party running a pet show?

Great question! We're fundraising for our election campaigns next year and, more importantly, it's been a pretty serious year and we thought you all deserved an evening of ridiculousness to get into your festive cheer and say thank you for your support.


Get your Free ticket here

See you soon!

December 12, 2020 at 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Manchester M2 5DB
United Kingdom
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Will you come?


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