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Meet Up The Homeless Period Project

Meet Up The Homeless Period Project This meeting is in partnership with the Albert St Project (Keely Thorne).

Just to you let know this will be an informal meeting open to all women looking to support The Homeless Period Campaign. Please come along and invite any other women and groups. This is not a WEP Birmingham event but members will be in attendance.

We will discuss current projects and discuss potential future projects in a relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to bring along food and drink. It is not mandatory but you are welcome to bring any donations of sanitary wear to the meeting, which Keely Thorne is currently collecting for the campaign. 

The Homless Period Project: For homeless women, it really is that dreaded time of the month. With limited or no access to sanitary products, they're often forced to go without. This initiative believes that tampons and towels should be made available through homeless shelters, the same way the government provides condoms. 

We would like to spread awareness of this issue in our community and encourage others to help & donate, whilst maintaining the project's longevity. 

Please like the Facebook page for more info:… 

So here’s the idea - Birmingham Outreach Project and Albert St Project, run totally by volunteers, regularly meets up to collect food and other item donations to send to the homeless community. Therefore, as part of #TheHomelessPeriod campaign, we are thinking about hosting an event, where the admission fee is sanitary products, to donate to Birmingham Homeless Outreach and the Albert St Project, so that they can perhaps start to meet the demand for these products with the increasing number of homeless women in our city. And heck, who knows? Maybe this could be a regular – even ‘monthly’ occurrence – if you pardon the pun.

Together, we can make periods for the homeless women of Birmingham a much less daunting experience. Anything you can spare would mean the world to these women - as it would be one less thing to worry about. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in this campaign please do come along to find out how you can get invloved.

Thanks and hope to see you all on the 25th January, 18.30, Impact Hub.

January 25, 2016 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Impact Hub

Will you come?


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