Don’t let the government turn their back on care workers

Care workers have risked their lives to work during the Covid-19 crisis. Demand the government stops legislation which could leave them facing deportation. 

Without the vital work of our care workforce - many of whom come from abroad - the UK would not have got through the coronavirus pandemic. Care workers have risked their health and in some cases even lost their lives while continuing to do highly skilled and essential work supporting people at a time when they needed it most.

This month MPs will be voting on a bill that would leave many migrant care workers facing deportation. The immigration bill classes care work as ‘low-skilled’ and sets an income threshold that workers in the chronically undervalued care sector will not be able to meet. 

It is currently easier to migrate to UK as a strawberry picker than it is as a care worker. 

We went into the Covid-19 crisis with 120,000 vacancies in care work, a staff shortage that was exacerbated by failure to provide testing or protective equipment. It is clear that the government has learned nothing from the tragedy that unfolded in our understaffed, underfunded care homes. By introducing a bill which categorises carers as ‘low-skilled’ and prevents these crucial workers from entering the UK from overseas, they have shown once again how little it values care, care workers and those who rely on them. 

It’s not enough to clap for carers any more - we must fight for them. 

Sign our petition to demand that the government: 

  1. Removes the discriminatory income threshold from the immigration bill.
  2. Ends the insulting ‘low-skilled’ label for care work.
  3. Guarantees that vital care workers will be able to migrate to the UK.
20,000 signatures

Will you sign?




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