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Statement on Belfast High Court's decision on abortion

The Women's Equality Party welcomes by Belfast High Court’s ruling that Northern Ireland’s abortion law breaches human rights.

Mandu Reid responds to the Lib Dem selection for Cities of London and Westminster

"I am disappointed to learn that the Liberal Democrats have selected Chuka Umunna to contest Cities of London and Westminster at the next election. 

Women’s Equality Party responds to GEO Roadmap for Change

The Women’s Equality Party today welcomed the extent to which the government’s Roadmap For Change on gender equality acknowledges many of the structural barriers that impact women over their lifetime. However, it criticised the solutions presented by the roadmap as lacking in ambition. 

Women's Equality Party elects its first Councillor

Kay Wesley is elected as Women’s Equality Party's first Councillor and WEP candidates achieve outstanding results in local elections across England.


Women’s Equality Party condemns intrusive rape prosecution practices

The Women’s Equality Party has hit out against new forms being handed out in England and Wales, which require rape and domestic abuse victims to give police access to their phones and social media accounts or face their case being dropped.


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