End bully boy politics

This week, Boris and his bully boys threw 21 MPs out of the Conservative Party for rebelling against the party to vote against a no deal Brexit. Yet none of the MPs who harassed, bullied or assaulted women have lost their job or faced faced deselection.

In fact, one of the Prime Minister's first actions in office was to stop an investigation into Mark Field, the MP captured on film aggressively pushing peaceful Greenpeace activist Janet Barker against a pillar and grabbing her by the neck.

Jared O'Mara MP has admitted to sexually harassing a 20-year-old female staff member and has faced no consequences. Despite promising to resign, he has now decided to postpone his resignation indefinitely. He has repeatedly failed to show up for important votes in Westminster, leaving his constituents unrepresented.

The lack of accountability in Westminster is unacceptable. At a time when one in five people working there has reportedly experienced harassment, this failure to act sends a strong message that abuse will be tolerated when rebellion won't. Westminster won't hold them to account. WE will.

Sign our petition to demand that MPs found guilty of sexual harassment or violence by an independent investigation can be recalled by their constituents.


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