WE Nottingham Virtual General Elections Hustings - Women's Equality

WE Nottingham Virtual General Elections Hustings

WE Nottingham Virtual General Elections Hustings

WE Nottingham have asked local candidates in the General Election the following questions about their commitment to Women's Equality for our first ever Women's Equality Party Virtual Hustings.


  • How will you ensure that Brexit will not turn back the clock on gender equality and will ensure a fair deal for women?

 Equal Education

  • What would be your approach to establishing robust Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) in all schools?

Equal Parenting and Caregiving

  • What would be your approach to supporting more equal parenting, for example shared paid parental leave?

 An End to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

  • We are in support of the Nottingham Domestic and Sexual Violence campaigns group which we are aware have asked candidates questions around VAWG and will be sharing links to candidates responses to their questions. Do you have any comments to add about tackling and addressing gender based violence locally?

 About You

  • What has been your track record in promoting equality in your previous work and career? 

As our members, supporters and followers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire can’t vote for one of the seven women standing for the Women’s Equality Party in this General Election we want to know from candidates what their future commitment to our aims to further Women's Equality in order to help people make a more informed decision.  

Click here to read our letter to candidates.


We have received answers from a number of candidates. Click on the links below to read their responses.

Nottingham North

Kirsty Jones - The Green Party - Click here. 

Stephen Crosby - UKIP - Click here

Nottingham South

Jane Hunt - Conservative Party - Click here

Nottingham East

David Bishop - Church of the Militant Elvis - Click here


David Mellen - Labour Party - Click here

Questions about Violence Against Women and Girls

For responses to local women's charities questions on violence against women and girls pop over to Nottingham Women's Centre website here: http://www.nottinghamwomenscentre.com/2017/06/01/general-election-pledges-candidates/

May 31, 2017 at 5:00pm - June 08, 2017

Will you come?


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