November 17 statement - Women's Equality

On 15 November 2017, the Women’s Equality Party received complaints from Party Members that the conduct of an elected Party Spokesperson promoted prejudice against the transgender community.

The complaint has been raised with the Executive Committee in accordance with Article 7.10 of the WE Constitution and the spokesperson and complainants have been notified.

The Women’s Equality Party is a collaborative political force uniting people of all genders, diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, races, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to see women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men so that all can flourish.

WE recognise that the binary words “woman” and “man” do not reflect the gender experience of everyone in our country and support the right of all to define their sex or gender or to reject gendered divisions as they choose.

Women, as a class, are discriminated against and oppressed. There is a shared experience as a class but that discrimination and oppression will often express itself differently for cis women and trans women, just as other factors such as age, ethnicity, economic background and disability are likely to have an impact.

WE are committed to addressing the very real oppression of trans people as well as the social structures that oppress and sometimes erase cis women and damage all genders. Cis inclusivity must never mean trans exclusivity, nor vice versa. There are huge and serious issues to address and it is vital that we find ways to discuss our experiences in an environment of mutual respect and tolerance if we are to progress to equality for all.

The Women’s Equality Party will ensure a thorough, impartial and transparent investigation for all complaints. We will not comment further on this matter until that process has been concluded.



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