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Tuesday 9th July saw a victory for Northern Irish women's rights as Westminster MPs voted to decriminalise abortion in Northern Ireland if power sharing hasn't resumed by the end of October.

Women in Northern Ireland are still denied access to abortions in almost all circumstances. Reproductive rights are human rights and our Government has a duty to act to ensure that every women in the UK has the right to choose free, safe and legal abortions. 

As we speak out against the rise of regressive populism across the globe we cannot ignore the persecution of Northern Irish women on our doorstep. We must stand together against moves to curtail women’s reproductive rights and to keep pushing for full decriminalisation of abortion everywhere.

Thanks to the work of Stella Creasy, reproductive rights organisations and cross party MPs the Government is empowered to act to uphold the human rights of Northern Irish women - lets keep up the pressure to ensure that they use this power.

Across the whole of the UK our right to access abortion is much more fragile than it seems. 

Under the current law in England, Wales and Scotland a woman who ends her own pregnancy without the permission of two doctors can be sentenced to life imprisonment. 

WE are demanding that the Government acts now to decriminalise abortion and uphold Northern Irish women’s right to access free, safe and legal abortions. 

Sign our petition today to guarantee women’s right to choose across the whole of the UK.

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