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Pamela Ritchie

Pamela Ritchie

I am a lifelong Londoner whose childhood was revolutionised by the Travelcard and free admission to museums – exploring London is still one of my favourite things to do.

I am a passionate, dedicated campaigner for equal representation: our elected representatives must better reflect the lived experience of the people they represent. This is, in part, what brought me to WEP and Make Votes Matter, a journey which has seen me stand for local council and get elected as Equal Representation Movement Builder last conference.

As a computer programmer, I have witnessed the impact structural barriers and gendered social expectations have on recruiting and retaining women in male-dominated fields. As a member of the LGBT+ community, I’ve felt the damage of politics which ignores and shames difference. These experiences brought me to WEP in 2016.

Within WEP I found a community who wanted something more than the broken old politics we have, just like me. I have become a candidate and a campaigner with and inspired by you. Campaigning for our brilliant candidates for London in 2016 was my first act of volunteering for the party, I’d love to carry on this journey as a candidate in 2020.

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Facebook: WEPamela18

Twitter: @WEPamela18

Instagram: @WEPamela18


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