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Policy Committee

Policy Committee

What is the Policy Committee?

The Policy Committee is made of the spokesperson and movement builder for each of our seven policy areas, plus Scotland. It is chaired by the leader of the party, Mandu Reid.

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Equal Representation 

Equal Pay and Opportunity

Equal Parenting and Caregiving

Equal Media

Equal Education

Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

Equality in Health

Equal Scotland


About the Policy Committee

How were the Policy Committee members chosen?

These are the people elected at our 2016 or 2018 Party Conference. Policy Committee members’ term is three years, so current positions run until 2019 or 2021. If members stand down before their term is up, new members will be elected at the next Party Conference. 

What do Policy Committee members do?

Individually, the spokespeople participate in public debates on their area on behalf of the Party, in consultation with the Party Leader or Chief of Staff. The movement builders reach out to organisations and individuals to build relationships with people relevant to their policy area. They are also required to monitor developments in their policy areas and update the Leader and other spokespeople on developments, as well as build alliances with organisations that share the Party’s objectives.

Can members put forward motions to update policies? 

Motions to change, update or add to our policies can be put forward by members, branches, the Party Leader and the Policy Committee, in accordance with the Party’s Constitution. Collectively, the Policy Committee reviews all policy motions to check their coherence and consistency with our mission and objectives, before they are put forward to Party Conference.

You can contact the teams for each policy area at their dedicated email addresses, given below.   

Objective: Equal Representation 

Read about the policy >>

Contact the team: equalrepresentation@womensequality.org.uk


Harini Iyengar, 
Spokesperson on Equal Representation

Harini stood for the Greater London Assembly in 2016, stood for Parliament in 2017 and in the local elections in Hackney in 2018. 
Since 1999, Harini has worked as an equality and human rights barrister.  She is a Governing Bencher of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, sits on the Steering Group of the Temple Women's Forum and on the Bar Council Retention Panel, and is an Independent Governor of London Metropolitan University. When Harini became a working single mother, she found that none of the old parties spoke for her and she became disillusioned with politics, until she found WEP.


Pamela Ritchie,
Movement Builder for Equal Representation

Pamela joined The Women’s Equality Party in 2016 and has been actively involved with the Greenwich Branch from the start, standing in the local elections in May 2018. She is also an active campaigner for proportional representation with Make Votes Matter, attending alliance building events, discussing national campaigns with cross party MPs as well as some of the leading voices in electoral reform. She is passionate about connecting our grassroots campaigning with communities and national organisations to bring about change.


Objective: Equal Pay and Opportunity 

Read about the policy >>

Contact the team: equalpay@womensequality.org.uk


Alison Marshall,
Spokesperson on Equal Pay

 Alison is Director of an international disability and development charity, having previously worked for children's rights at UNICEF UK and sexual and reproductive rights at IPPF. She is a big supporter of FairTrade. She has lived in North London for over 20 years. 

She is proud to be a founder member of WEP, an activist and candidate because she believes in equality and  because she's impatient for change.


Kate Pruce,
Movement Builder for Equal Pay  

Kate Pruce is a PhD researcher at the University of Manchester’s Global Development Institute (GDI) and the Effective States and Inclusive Development (ESID) research centre. She is working on the politics of social policy, specifically social protection, in Zambia.

Kate is involved with WEP because it has made politics inspiring, relevant and accessible, and because WE are doing such vital work to bring about equality for women.

Objective: Equal Parenting and Caregiving 

Read about the policy >>

Contact the team: equalcare@womensequality.org.uk

Shazia Mustafa,
Movement builder for Equal Parenting and Caregiving

Shazia launched Third Door in 2010 with a dream to create a community of working parents who were able to work near their children in a nursery that provided the best care and learning opportunities. 

"I am honoured to be part of WEP, From the moment I heard about WEP I felt that finally there was a party that spoke about all the areas I feel passionate about."




Objective: Equal Media 

Read about the policy >>

Contact the team: equalmedia@womensequality.org.uk  


Athena Stevens,
Spokesperson on Equal Media

Athena is an acclaimed writer and actress having worked with such organisations as Channel 4, Shakespeare’s Globe, Finborough Theatre and the BBC. She is passionate about increasing the breadth of stories told about women and minority groups in the media. Additionally, she was born with Cerebral Palsy and has acted as an independent transport consultant for TFL, Heathrow Airport and OmniServ.

Athena joined the Women’s Equality Party out of frustration when she found her own voice silenced and overlooked by every sector of our society. Her hope is that women in politics will create a new form of power that liberates all members of society to be the best that they can be.

Rozina Ahmed
Movement Builder for Equal Media

Rozina has worked for the Mayor’s Office (GLA) for almost 15 years on various strategies and policies delivering key cultural festivals and events -promoting equality, diversity, inclusion and social integration to a multicultural international audience. 
She has also worked at the BBC in Documentaries & Investigation where she established extensive experience and knowledge of media law and key broadcasting guidelines. 
"I absolutely believe I will make a positive contribution to WEP and implement action that will leave a positive legacy for future generations".


Objective: Equal Education 

Read about the policy >>

Contact the team: equaleducation@womensequality.org.uk


Dianna Moylan,
Spokesperson on Equal Education

Dianna is a very busy retiree whose feminism is basic to her existence. She is National Spokesperson for Equal Education and very proud to be so. In 2017 she took on the lead of her local Milton Keynes Branch. 

Guilene Marco, 
Movement Builder for Equal Education

Guilene is an activist and has been organising community events and campaigning on local issues, such as fighting against budget cuts in education and joining the national campaign Fair Funding in All Schools.

Objective: Ending Violence Against Women and Girls 

Read about the policy >>

Contact the team: endvawg@womensequality.org.uk

Tabitha Morton,
Spokesperson and Movement Builder for Ending Violence Against Women

Tabitha is a VAWG campaigner and in 2017 was the WE candidate in the Liverpool City Region Mayoral election. She is also COO at More United, combining her passion for a new type of politics with work.

Objective: Equality in Health

Read about the policy >>

Contact the team: equalhealth@womensequality.org.uk

Rebecca Manson Jones,
Spokesperson for Equality in Health

Rebecca has been active in WEP since joining as a founding member. She has been a candidate three times, most recently in the Lewisham Council Elections where she polled 1 in 4 voters. She has been advocating for WEP at events and workshops around the country and was part of the working group that created the Equal Health Care policy. In her personal life, Rebecca has experience of the Health and Social Care systems as an end of life carer and as a patient.
Professionally Rebecca is currently the Interim Director of Oily Cart the UK’s leading touring theatre creating immersive work for early years, children and young people with complex needs and Autistic Spectrum conditions and deaf/blind young people. She has a 20 year record of developing diversity and inclusion in theatre and participatory as a director. Her participatory work has been cited by Arts Council England as a model of good practice.

Meera Khanna (formerly Feldman)
Movement Builder for Equality in Health

Meera is an Economics graduate and mum of two with 20 years experience in advertising and marketing. She founded The Nest Club to revolutionise postnatal care in the UK through empowering, modern day education and practical, hands on help and support.
Working with experts in the medical and wellness space she is keen to find a more personalised approach to women’s health and to lobby for change in the language used in maternity so it is more positive and encouraging.


Objective: Equality in Scotland

e-mail scotland.policy@womensequality.org.uk


Kirstein Rummery,
Spokesperson for Scotland 

Kirstein is a Professor of Social Policy, mum of 3, and is disabled. She's been living and working in Scotland for ten years, focussing on international care policy, gender, disability and age.
She joined WEP as a founder member because she has been a feminist all her life, but this is the first time she's been able to belong to a political party that she really believes in.

Suz Martin
Movement Builder for Scotland

Kirstein As a public affairs professional for a national mental health charity, Suz can be found in the Scottish Parliament and in constituency offices on a regular basis, in addition to the many meetings with civil servants, promoting carefully developed policy positions. 
She has experience in a myriad of policy areas, from planning and environmental regulation, right through to healthcare, social care, and social security.
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