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Policy Committee

Policy Committee

What is the Policy Committee?

The Policy Committee is elected by party members to develop, champion and be custodians for our fantastic policies. They help the party raise awareness of, and support for, our policies; gather intel from and develop relationships with organisations and individuals working on our policy goals; create momentum around political opportunities for progress towards our policies; and, engage and inspire existing and prospective members to take action and win change.

While our Democracy Commission is underway and until our 2022 party conference, the Policy Committee will be working together on the following:

  • Acting as spokespeople across the party’s seven policy areas
  • Developing a manifesto for the 2022 local elections
  • Preparing policy motions for conference and ensuring the coherence and consistency of other policy motions
  • Coordinating our response to relevant national consultations
  • Updating the Policy Document
  • Supporting longer term policy development and helping the party work through policy conflicts

They will also work with the Democracy Commission to develop a blueprint for the next phase of the Policy Committee, based on input from members.

Who is on the Policy Committee?

Kathryn Adkins

Kathryn is extremely passionate about tackling the Gender Pay Gap - she is a founding member of the Women’s Equality Party and co-leader of the Manchester branch. She finds it shocking that the UK still has a significant Gender Pay Gap, and many organisations still don’t believe that they need to try and close their Gap, as they believe it's due to women’s choices!

Kathryn is a qualified accountant and has several years’ experience working in senior management positions to effect organisational change. She is on the Board of a large, national charity, and is responsible for shaping strategy and ensuring good governance. She has worked with organisations on their Gender Pay Gap reporting and has run pop-up stalls educating the public on the issue.

Caroline Hunt

Up until 2016 Caroline was a secondary school teacher. Her specialism was A-Level Politics but like most teachers she had to teach plenty outside of her comfort zone: Psychology, Sociology, History, Geography, IT and SRE were all part of her experience.

Caroline Hunt helped to run our parliamentary campaigns in Shipley and Lewisham East. She is the former leader of the Leeds WEP branch, and helps coordinate the Northern Branches Team

Caroline is passionate about WE’s fantastic Education policies (inclusive SRE, more men in primary and early years, more women in SLT, compulsory formal sexual harassment policies, free sanitary products in schools, gender free uniform options) and wants more people to hear about them.

Tabitha Morton

Tabitha believes ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) is the most important of our 7 core objectives. While it’s still acceptable for women to be raped and killed, none of us will be free. She believes we must end this epidemic of violence to achieve true equality.

Tabitha currently leads WEP’s work to end VAWG:
• She has implemented an end VAWG strategy with the Metro Mayor of Liverpool.
• She is working with the branch in Manchester to do the same.
• She has introduced a campaign model for branches that takes activists on a journey to becoming experts on ending VAWG in their area.

Tabitha has a strong track record of both press and broadcast interviews for WEP and am often requested to comment both locally and nationally on VAWG matters, as well as receiving invitations to speak publicly at conferences and events.

Christine Dean

Christine was the Waltham Forest Branch Leader, a List Candidate for GLA 2020 elections and a member of the BAME caucus. She is a former family lawyer with over 20 years’ experience representing women and young girls who were subject to domestic violence and abuse.

Her experience gives her a unique insight into the current problems and failings in the protection available for women and young girls today. Christine wants to play a part in shaping more effective and female-focused violence prevention policies. She has an excellent working knowledge of the party's policies on VAWG.




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