Our immigration plans

Our immigration plans

Our immigration plans

We are going to change the discourse around immigration, putting justice and equality at the heart of our plans.

During the EU referendum, the debate on immigration was forced upon us in order to divide us.

Different governments, led by the parties of the right and the left, blamed the impact of their own decisions on others.

They said nothing of their own choices to cut public services. 

And racism seldom travels alone. It travels with its counterparts, sexism, misogyny and homophobia.

We will introduce a humane immigration policy that recognises the particular violence done to women fleeing conflict and war.

One that sees the benefits as well as the challenges of immigration, particularly for those public services upon which women rely.

It is time we had a balanced conversation about immigration. We are ready to lead that debate. And we want to hear your views, and be part of your conversations.

We want your ideas. Join the party. Join your local branch. Get involved.

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