Rebecca Manson Jones

Rebecca Manson Jones

Rebecca Manson Jones

I want to be an astronaut, a rock star, join the Navy but it’s 1973 and I’m a girl. Instead, I become a feminist and a theatre director. After working in leading London theatres, I found an award-winning arts charity, touring theatre in London and out-of-the-way places.

My first job opened my eyes to politically-inspired theatre. Ever since, I’ve been addressing social equality, challenging injustices, and opening up opportunities for people to realise their potential.

I live in Brockley with my husband who I met 25 years ago. Over 20 years, I’ve become rooted in London. 

Londoners are living through huge change and WE can be at its centre: I want a new way of doing things, a new set of people determining our future.

Using my experience of listening to and advocating for marginalized groups, I will focus on ensuring that women’s interests are represented at every level. 

Politics could and should be for everyone.

I want to see politics opened up and made accessible, relevant and exciting to all Londoners.


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