Demand justice

Demand justice

Demand justice

Ivan Lewis MP was accused of sexual harassment by a 19-year-old student but he resigned from the Labour party before they could complete their investigation. He has continued to act as an independent MP for two years. 

MPs accused of violence or harassment should be investigated by an independent process, and if they are found guilty voters should have the power to recall them.

Sign our petition to demand justice today.

At the general election the Women’s Equality Party will stand against five MPs who are the subject of unresolved allegations of harassment or violence, including Ivan Lewis. 

Since the ‘Pestminster’ scandal in 2017 the Women’s Equality Party has been pushing for changes to the Recall Act 2015 and the establishment of an independent process to investigate allegations, to ensure that MPs who are found guilty of violence, harassment or assault can be properly held to account.

Victims cannot get justice unless powerful men are held to account for abuse.

Voters should be empowered to recall MPs who are found guilty of violence or harassment by an independent process. If Parliament won’t hold MPs to account then WE will. 

Sign our petition to demand that politicians are held accountable for their actions.

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