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Recognised Groups

The Women’s Equality Party is committed to intersectional feminism, tackling all forms of discrimination and supporting women who experience multiple layers of discrimination. 

Since the party was created, groups of members have come together to champion women’s different experiences and identities and to ensure that our work is always focused on how interlocking systems of power affect those who are most marginalised. These groups have pushed for change within and outside the party - from initiating an anti-racism policy to campaigning for all Disabled and chronically ill people to be prioritised for the Covid vaccine.

At our 2020 party conference, members voted for groups to have the opportunity to be formally recognised and given a seat on the Steering Committee - our highest decision-making body between conferences. They tasked the Steering Committee to come up with a workable policy to achieve that, the details of which are set out here.

WE are proud to be a party where activists can find their voice, find each other and find their power. We know that social justice movements can often reproduce the inequalities they are trying to overcome, and we strive to hold a mirror up to ourselves as we work towards women’s equality - because equality for some is not equality at all.


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