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Register for a postal vote

Register for a postal vote

Register for a Postal Vote

Election campaigning is going to be different this year. Political parties won’t be able to rely on the normal doorstep canvassing, so campaigning is going online. Meaning barriers to digital access will inevitably exclude those who live in poverty, disproportionately affecting women - who make up 61% of the digitally excluded - and minoritised groups. 

So in the middle of a crisis which has laid bare huge inequalities in the UK, campaigners will be prevented from reaching the very people who have been most affected. It is vital that women’s voices are heard in this election and to do that we must ensure these inequalities are not replicated at the ballot box.

How to register for a postal vote

🖥️ Register to vote if you’re not already registered

✍️ Fill in the postal voter registration form - English / Welsh

📨 Send it to your council’s electoral services - find these details

🖨️ Don’t have a way to print the form? Email your council’s electoral services your name and address and ask them to send you one in the post.

Register to ensure your voice is heard this May.

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