Sign to protect reproductive rights during lockdown

Sign to protect reproductive rights during lockdown

The UK government has finally approved over the remote medical abortion services, enabling those seeking pills for early abortions in England and Wales to stay at home during the Covid-19 crisis. But this service has not been extended to Northern Ireland, where abortions are now legal but services are unable to meet the demand. So women in Northern Ireland are being forced to risk their health by travelling hundreds of miles to England in order to get abortion pills that could easily prescribed over the phone. 

Reproductive rights are human rights and access to free, safe and legal abortions should not depend on where you live or whether you can leave your home. 

Ensuring safe and straightforward access to abortion services will ease the strain on the NHS and should be an essential part of the Government’s Corona virus response. Yet our government still requires women to seek permission from two doctors to have an abortion. 

WE are calling for:

  1. Telemedical abortion services to be introduced in Northern Ireland
  2. The requirement for two doctors to give permission for women to access abortions to be removed

These measures will protect women’s reproductive rights, ensure that all women can access abortions without having to leave their home, and free up healthcare professionals to focus on responding to the pandemic. 

Sign our petition today to call for urgent action.

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