Rosie D 01/12/19 - Women's Equality

Join us at 11am on the 1st of December in Canterbury to support Labour candidate Rosie Duffield. 

This is canvassing with a difference.

We won’t be asking people to vote for our party. Nor will we be campaigning for one of the other parties. We will be campaigning for one truly inspirational woman - Rosie Duffield - who holds her seat by just 187 votes.

Some things are bigger than party politics - we can never hope to tackle the hatred and toxicity that has invaded our Parliament if we all stick to our own tribes. 

This election we have been fighting to end violence against women and girls - and our campaign to drive violence and harassment and abuse out of Parliament is working. But this won’t be enough if Parliament loses incredible, progressive women like Rosie - who bravely spoke about her experience of surviving an abusive relationship and in so doing offered hope to survivors everywhere.

So join us on the campaign trail - not because you back one party or you despise another, but because Parliament needs more inspiring women like Rosie.

RSVP for more details. 

December 01, 2019 at 11:00am - 5pm

Will you come?


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