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Sarah Rees

Sarah Rees

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Welsh Assembly Candidate for South Wales Central

I’ve lived in Wales since I was a teenager, and am now based in Cardiff.

My career has focused on international and community development, working for the British Council, Women Making a Difference and Cardiff University.

When I became a mum in 2013 I was prepared for the loss of sleep, but not for the loss of career choice and of personal freedoms. The lack of gender equality was a shock.

I believe everyone – regardless of gender, social class, sexuality, race or ability – should have equal choices. Women earn less because we have caregiving responsibilities, are in low-paid part-time work, and lack the choices men have to progress their careers.

We hold up the economy because we put others first.

Our choices shouldn’t be reduced to assessing the safest route home from work in the dark. I want my daughter, along with all children in Wales, to be able to become a scientist or a Welsh football star.

We should all be feminists. I’m not standing for me, I’m standing for us.

Donate to my campaign and I will use your money, and your backing, to make the Welsh Assembly better represent all women.

I will make sure future decisions in Wales reflect your needs and the change you want.


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