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Carol Keen for Sheffield

Carol Keen for Sheffield

Carol Keen for Sheffield

On May 4th vote Carol Keen for Sheffield City Council in the Southey by-election.

WE are tired of the same politicians doing the same politics. And when politicians ignore women, everybody suffers. The Women’s Equality Party puts personal safety, fair pay and affordable childcare at the top of our priorities.

1 in 4 women is affected by domestic abuse and our streets do not feel safe. WE will represent you on Sheffield City Council and improve women’s lives with our work.

At last, a party that represents you! 

The Women’s Equality Party will stand up for Sheffield’s women:

→ Ending violence against women and girls.

Whether it’s from street harassment or domestic violence, women are at risk. WE will focus on preventing violence against women and seeking justice when it happens.

→ Equal pay for equal work

For every £1 men earn, women earn just 81p. WE are dedicated to campaigning for equal pay for equal work.

→ Equal childcare 

Women find it impossible to access affordable childcare and balance this with their need to work. WE are committed to helping children spend more time with both of their parents.

→ Equal education

Girls and boys should be encouraged to learn and to respect each other. They should aim for their dreams, regardless of their gender.

Get involved: volunteer with the Sheffield campaign >>


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