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Central office staff

Central office staff

Meet the WE staff team

We are a small and determined team who work hard to achieve the aims of the Party.  We consider ourselves lucky to work alongside an army of volunteers who support us with everything from video-editing and website development to branch building and election planning. Find out more about volunteering with central office.



Cath Smith, Head of Campaigns 

Cath leads on our national campaigns and elections. She is passionate about getting WEP representatives elected and driving change at a local and national level.  







Celia Wilson, Head of Members and Supporters 

Celia leads on our members and supporters strategy.  She's passionate about growing our movement and helping our members have a positive member journey. She first joined as a branchstarter in the early days of the Party and now builds on that experience to lead the development and support of our branches and hubs.






Eleanor Bull, Finance and Compliance Manager

Elly ensures the effective management of the Party’s finances and has lead responsibility for the Party’s compliance with electoral law and other regulations. She work with Branch Officers and suppliers to enable and ensure their actions in relation to the Party are compliant. She also oversees central office management, including systems, processes and administration. Even though most of her work is behind the scenes, she is always involved in the party's external campaigns and says "its great to be part of a team that values my opinions and feedback". 





Erin Mansell, Political Researcher and Advisor 

Erin provides support and advice to the leader of the Party and other spokespeople, oversees the Party's political engagement strategy, and researches developing policy areas.






Fariya Sharif, Members and Supporters Officer

Fariya is the members and supporters officer and is dedicated to growing and supporting our membership. She works on developing membership campaigns and ensuring our communications with members are the best they can be. A proud Scot living in London longer than she had planned, it seems that her passion for Women's Equality has prevailed.




Hannah Peaker, Chief of Staff

Hannah is responsible for operationalising the Party's strategy, managing the central office team and is the Leader's right-hand woman. 







Lorraine Roberts, Interim Director of Finance and Operations.

Lorraine is an independent management consultant covering the post of Director of Finance and Operations at WE while conducting a series of organisational governance reviews for the party.







Chiara Martinelli, Events Manager

Chiara leads on all WE events, from putting on comedy shows with the party's MC Sandi Toksvig to holding crucial fundraising events to help finance our campaigns and activities. 






Amy Killen, Election Coordinator

Amy has been involved with the Party since 2015, serving as the Lewisham Branch Leader for a year. She has now brought her expertise on running local elections to our central office, where she oversees elections across the party's branches.






Adela Ryle, Press Coordinator 

Adela develops the party's relationship with national and local press and oversees its reactive presence on social media, as well as generating communications around the party's longer term policies and campaigns. She also works with local branches, providing communications support and advice.







Rebecca Mtsambiwa, Communications Coordinator 

Rebecca works to develop the party's strategic social media campaigns and generates digital communications around its longer term policies and offline campaigns. She also works on internal communications with the party's members and supporters.





Eleanor Leone, Administrative Officer

Eleanor is the front of house for the party, ensuring that visitors, enquiries and volunteers get to the right place. She also does finance and branch admin, manages our volunteer system and handles bookings and travel and oversees the day to day running of the office to make sure the party's work goes as smoothly as possible. 





Aimee Williams-Maynard, Members and Supporters Officer

Aimee job-shares the members and supporters officer role with Pauline Davis.  Together they manage the day-to-day work of recruiting, engaging and retaining the party's members and supporters and responding to member enquiries and requests. 



Pauline Davis, Members and Supporters Officer

Pauline job-shares the members and supporters officer role with Aimee Williams-Maynard.  Together they manage the day-to-day work of recruiting, engaging and retaining the party's members and supporters and responding to member enquiries and requests. 



Vacant post, Head of Fundraising 




Executive Committee

Meet the Women's Equality Party's Executive Committee

Steering Committee

Meet the Women's Equality Party's Steering Committee


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