Statement - Complaint Investigation

Statement - Complaint Investigation

Statement - Complaint Investigation

Women’s Equality Party complaint investigations are confidential. However, the subject of a recent complaint has decided to make a public statement. Accordingly, we wish to make the following clarifications:

The Executive Committee investigated a complaint against a branch officer and the complaint was upheld. The Panel found that the officer had breached our Code of Conduct by publishing a statement on the branch Facebook page that contradicted the party’s position. The Committee decided that her access to that social media account should therefore be suspended while she underwent training.

During the course of the investigation, the branch officer voluntarily shared with the Executive Committee an email in which she expressed views on the party’s involvement in issues of race and disability that are incompatible with the party’s position. The Executive Committee considered this an aggravating factor in the complaint and therefore decided to revoke her membership.

Executive Committee, Women’s Equality Party

28 July 2020


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