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WE EK Support Change

Welcome to East Kent

WEP EK Where we are at:

WEP EK Public Inclusion Statement

Our mission this year is to be an inclusive space for everyone; no matter what your intersection is, we don’t tolerate discrimination; East Kent Branch will continue to work on our cross-sectional outreach to community organisations in order to meet the campaign strategy of Build Back Equal. We ask everyone who joins our spaces and supports the work we do to respect one another; we endeavour to create opportunities for training on discrimination areas to enable us as an activist to look at being better allies. All our meetings, from monthly branch meetings, local groups gatherings, campaign activism or Zoom calls, are open to everyone supporters, allies, interested observers, founding members, pets and your family & friends; we don't exclude people, not even if you are a member/supporter of another party.


WEP EK campaigns for 2021-2022:

√   Black Maternity Campaign: Education and Reformed support for expecting families living in Kent.

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   Build Back Equal: Working in the community and with activist to make change across sectors to improve life in Kent, initial interests are in climate change, education and health.

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   White Ribbon Campaign: Accreditation for Kent Councils to actively End Violence Towards Women and Girls

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A list of organisations to support

How to support share with friends, interact with their content or donate to keep their work going.


Mama To Mama Margate 
They have 6 WEEKS to raise funds to sustain @mamatomamamargate.⠀⠀⠀
EMAIL [email protected] with:
- your pledge amount and chosen reward(s) / number of raffle tickets
- name as shown on your Spacehive account
JUST GIVING donate to help them reach their target.


Margate Now
Margate NOW & the Sunken Garden Society are joining forces to commission innovative, functional and sustainable public artworks for the Sunken Garden, a unique, biodiverse outdoor space in Westbrook.

They're working with outstanding artists - Nicolas Deshayes [@nicolasdeshayes], Lindsey Mendick [@lindseymendick] and Olu Ogunnaike [@oluogunnaike] - to design and create a gate for the Hermit’s Cave, a compost bin and a bench.

For more details & to back the project, follow the link

Rising Sun Domestic Violence and Abuse Service

Herstay project will provide accommodation for 16-24-year-old girls who are pregnant and experiencing domestic abuse. As well as a safe and secure home, we will help young women develop the skills they need to lead independent lives. 


Open School East

Open School East relies on contributions from public and private funders and individual supporters and patrons to both develop and deliver our programmes. Vital donations ensure that we can continue to support emerging artists all of the ages whilst engaging new communities in the arts.


Pow Thanet

POW! relies on the generosity of individuals, sponsors, partners and funding bodies to help keep the festival as accessible as possible.


Migrants Organise Ltd.

Fundraise on their behalf or show your solidarity with migrants and refugees living under lockdown and the hostile environment.


Just Like Us!/

Just Like Us is an LGBT+ charity for young people. We empower them from the classroom to their careers by sending our student ambassadors into schools and organisations.



Support Grass community group keep providing #Cliftonville residents with engagement events that promote education, happiness and unity.



Oasis Domestic Abuse Service supports families to escape and heal from domestic abuse in East Kent, Medway and North Kent. 

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