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Support our Leeds #Genderpaygap campaign

Support our Leeds #Genderpaygap campaign

WE are launching our #Genderpaygap campaign today to raise awareness of the gender pay gap in Leeds, to celebrate the positive steps that local employers are making to tackle the gap, and to highlight those who aren’t making such positive progress.

We have written to 14 employers with offices based in Leeds with reported median pay gaps significantly greater than the national average of 18%. These employers are:

  • (median pay gap of 49.7%)
  • WYG Engineering Ltd (49.6%)
  • Shepley Engineers Ltd (43.3%)
  • Help-Link UK Ltd (40.3%)
  • Tech Search Associates Ltd (40%)
  • Henderson Insurance Brokers Ltd (35.8%)
  • Transunion (34.8%)
  • Leeds Bradford Airport Ltd (32.1%)
  • Bristan Group Ltd (32%)
  • Tenet Group Ltd (32%)
  • BJSS Ltd (30.7%)
  • Jemella Ltd (30.6%)
  • Alton Cars Ltd (29.1%)
  • Age Partnership Ltd (27.3%)

We asked them what progress they have made in regard to the actions that they committed to in the statements that they published in April 2018 on their gender pay gap data, and if they are taking any of the Government Equality Office recommendations into account.

Only four of these employers responded to us, are willing to engage in discussions about what action they are taking, and are being open and transparent. These employers are:

    • WYG Engineering Ltd
    • TransUnion
    • Henderson Insurance Broker
    • BJSS Ltd

We have asked these four employers to meet with us to discuss their plans in more depth, and we will be keeping in touch with all 14 employers to monitor what actions they are taking.

You can view their response letters here >>>

We would love it if you could get support our campaign by:


  • Contacting your local councillor or MP to ask them what actions they are taking to raise awareness of the number of employers with significant gender pay gaps in Leeds. Please download a template letter here>>>

        Please do let us know if you received a reply by emailing us on [email protected]


  • Taking part in the social media campaign – we will be tweeting on @wepleeds, posting on Instagram on @wep_leeds and on Facebook and it would be great if you could support the campaign using the hashtag #Genderpaygap


  • Sharing information about this campaign with family, friends and colleagues and asking them to support the campaign


This is just the start of our campaign. We will keep you updated on our progress, keep a look out for further information on this page, in our email updates, and on social media.

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