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Southwark's candidates announced!

Southwark's candidates announced!

The Women’s Equality Party Southwark is delighted to announce that we have TWO outstanding candidates for the 3rd of May 2018 Local Council Elections!

Claire and Eileen will be standing in the Goose Green and Borough & Bankside wards respectively. You can check which Southwark ward you live in by clicking here. If you live in either of these wards – you can be part of the electorate that votes in Southwark’s first ever Women’s Equality Party Local Councillor! But if live in another ward – do not despair! There is plenty of other ways you can help… which I will get on to… but first – let me tell you a little bit about our candidates:


Eileen Scholes – Borough & Bankside ward

Lifelong feminist, unapologetic baby boomer and LGBTQ campaigner, Eileen is active in WE’s Southwark branch, and the party nationally. Her constant aim is to expose how preconceptions about gender hold back our society at every level. Originally a journalist, Eileen managed a successful media agency employing 50+ people before heading up PricewaterhouseCooper's UK Communications Practice, becoming an advisor to the BBC’s New Media division and finally a Whitehall civil servant. 68-years-old Eileen lives in East Dulwich with her female partner and two teenage daughters. Two sons from a previous marriage have so far gifted her four grandchildren. 

Southwark Women’s Equality Party – Promoted by Alaina Crystal on behalf of Eileen Scholes, both at Studio 18, Blue Lion Place, 237 Long Ln, London SE1 4PU


Claire Empson – Goose Green ward


“I joined the Women’s Equality Party as a founding member because I didn’t feel represented by my local and national government.

Having lived and worked in East Dulwich for over 15 years, I am both a local business owner and a mother at the heart of this community. I have always done business and politics differently. Women make up more than half of this area but we are not represented equally or fairly by Southwark council.

I want to create the change I want to see for my children! Throughout my life, I have seen a problem and taken action.

WE will put equality at the top of the agenda. Because equality is better for everyone.

Southwark Council has been held by Labour for 8 years. It’s time for a new perspective and independent voice to hold them to account! I have autonomy outside of our WEP manifesto meaning you can count on me personally to take a positive interest in local women’s equality, childcare, violence against women and girls, environmental issues, LGBTGI+ issues, housing and the needs of small business owners.”

Southwark Women’s Equality Party – Promoted by Claire Webb on behalf of Claire Empson, both at Studio 18, Blue Lion Place, 237 Long Ln, London SE1 4PU


Can you help elect Southwark’s first ever Women’s Equality Party Councillor?

We are focusing our efforts on the Goose Green ward and we need all the help we can get - it’s not too late to get involved. Please get in touch at [email protected] if you can:

  • Help at our information stall on North Cross Road (Saturdays)
  • Come out canvassing! >CLICK HERE FOR DATES, INFO, AND TO SIGN UP< full training provided and you can partner with someone
  • Leaflet for us
  • Put a poster in your window (if you’re in the ward)



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