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Take Action

The Istanbul Convention is the strongest legal framework for tackling violence against women and girls. It forces our government to prevent violence, protect women and prosecute perpetrators.

We need your help to make sure that happens.

Contact your MP now to ask them to show up and vote on Friday 24 February. 

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Meet your MP

A really effective way to make sure your MP is on board is to talk to them. You can meet your MP at Parliament or in their constituency office.

If you are meeting your MP at Parliament, you will need to enter the Houses of Parliament by passing through the security check at the Cromwell Green entrance. At busy times, this could take up to 20 minutes.

If you have pre‐arranged to meet your MP at a specific time but not a specific location then head for the information desk in the central lobby and say that you have arrived to see your MP. Make sure you bring any written confirmation of your meeting.

Green Card your MP

If you have not arranged to meet your MP it is still possible to show up at Parliament and ask to see them. You will need to queue at the information desk in the central lobby where you can collect and fill in a green card. Please note you can only lobby your own MP and you will need to know their name. Complete the green card and hand it back to the information desk - they will be able to let you know if your MP is not at the House of Commons.

Even if your MP is unavailable they will be notified that you have requested a meeting and will have to respond to you in due course.

If the information desk does manage to contact your MP be prepared to wait for a while. When your MP arrives make sure you are prepared to talk to them about why the Istanbul Convention is so important.

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You can also download IC Change's campaign board, take a picture and show your support.

Download the campaign board >>




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